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With more than 25 years of lending experience in Arizona, Define Mortgage has the borrower tools and expert guidance you need to provide superior home loan services to your members, with service models including:

  • You refer inquiries to Define Mortgage
  • You are not required to do any application processing work
  • No compensation is paid
  • Define Mortgage will not cross-sell to your members
  • You market mortgage services to your members
  • You take the application and perform some sales functions
  • You assign all rights, title & interest to Define Mortgage
  • Loan closes in Define Mortgage’s name
  • You receive an origination fee
  • You take the application and close the loan in your name
  • You sell the loan to Define Mortgage at a pre-determined price
  • For CUs interested in creating and owning mortgage products
  • Define Mortgage works with you to create product guidelines
  • You market mortgage services to your members
  • Define Mortgage originates the loan
  • Define Mortgage sells the loan to you
  • 24/7 mortgage access through online and mobile banking
  • High-touch member service
  • Payment processing
  • Escrow services
  • Collection and Loss Mitigation services
  • Monthly statements (mail or electronic)
  • Credit reporting
  • Tax statements
  • Investor reporting via online portal
  • Payoff and lien release processing

Your financial institution will also benefit from:

  • Local origination, processing, underwriting, closing & servicing
  • Reduced mortgage insurance premiums*
  • Down Payment Assistance**
  • Daily competitive market rate surveys
  • Proven sales scripts for outbound campaigns
  • Lead tracking tools
  • Performance reports tailored to your goals

* Conventional loan products only     **WISH program, restrictions apply